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Corporate Culture is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, and means different things to different people. To us culture is critical, and as a young company we’re in a unique position to shape ours daily through recruitment and  workplace practises as we grow over our first few years. There are certain traits and qualities we’ll insist on to get us to the culture we desire:

Zealous optimism;

A love for the nerdiness of insurance;

A passion for relentless customer service;

Unquestionably high ethical standards;

Having fun and embracing teamwork

Cropped Culture


In order for us to accomplish our goal of being the best insurance broker our client could ever hope for, we know we need to be true to our culture and keep heading in the right direction. We refuse to become a stuffy, bureaucratic, ivory tower insurance brokerage that only cares about the balance sheet.

We know if we build an organization where great people want to come to work everyday and do their best, our clients will reward us with long term relationships and our balance sheet will take care of itself.