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Many companies operating outside the environmental sector still have a significant pollution exposure. In our experience though, many organizations are either ignoring, or are unaware of their environmental risks and are leaving them self-insured. We admit pollution claims do not fall into the “frequency” category, but they certainly fall into the “severity” category. Our goal is to help our clients in all industries understand their pollution risks, their options for transferring that risk via insurance, and guide them through the decision making process which results in a mitigation strategy which is right for their organization.

Wondering where pollution risk exists in some normal every day businesses? Here’s some examples:

  • Auto service facilities – on site waste oils, fuels, body shop chemicals can leak onto adjacent properties or into sewer drains
  • Industrial supply warehouses – cleaning chemicals, solvents can leak onto adjacent properties or into sewer drains
  • Fluid haulers – Spill or leak of chemicals during loading or unloading; cross contamination from wrongful delivery of product; fuel leak from owned tank farms
  • Manufacturing facilities- chemicals, oils, coolant for production machinery can all leak onto adjacent properties or sewer drains
  • Excavation contractors – risk of rupturing an underground pipe; spreading contaminated soil onto previously clean land
  • HVAC contractors – disturbance of asbestos or mould materials in homes and buildings; creation of mould through faulty workmanship
  • Health and long term care facilities – viral outbreak in the facility causing an evacuation or shutdown; leaking from onsite chemical or fuel storage

We can help your firm, whatever industry you are in, navigate your way though the complexity of environmental risk.