34 Airport Road NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 0W7
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We’re not the biggest, and we don’t care to be. We’re proud of our identity as a boutique brokerage focused on delivering fantastic insurance programs and unparalleled service to a group of sophisticated clients.  We’re a close knit, high energy, and highly accountable organization which works tirelessly to redefine the insurance buying experience for our clients. This singular premise is the basis of our corporate culture. It shapes our operating model, our hiring practices, and even our holiday schedules.

Our focus is client facing, and our process is based on 3 principles:
Collaboration, Education and Execution

Here’s how we earn — and retain — the trust of our clients:

  1. We get to know the businesses of our clients extremely well. We dig deep and make no apologies; we want to know where your organization has been, and where it is heading. Knowledge and understanding is what makes your organization different than your competitors and is what allows us to do our best work on your behalf.
  2. We’ll take the time to make sure you understand your risks and how the insurance products work. We’ll present you with options, and help you navigate the choices to find a solution you’re comfortable with. Its your company, you should play a prominent role in structuring your insurance portfolio.
  3. We work relentlessly to come up with insurance solutions which truly offset your organizational risk, placed with Insurers who can be your partner in the present and well into the future. We’ll even schedule an opportunity for you to meet your underwriter and the members of their team (claims, loss control, etc).
  4. We commit to full transparency; we will do our absolute best to achieve YOUR perfect combination of Price, Product, and Service. Sometimes you can get  all 3 from one insurance company, sometimes you need to make a choice. But that choice will be yours, with all the options presented.
  5. We find solutions beyond traditional insurance. Whether it be business processes, HR information, loss control initiatives…we commit to helping you run a better organization any way we can. We are well connected, and we will navigate our network of business relationships to find someone or something that helps you solve any obstacle you may be facing. Don’t be afraid to ask, remember … we work for you.