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Environmental risk comes in many shapes and sizes, and consequentially there are dozens of insurance products available today to suit the needs of clients in this rapid growth sector. From emergency spill containment , to asbestos remediation planning,  to drilling waste management…the risks are unique and all require custom tailored coverage negotiated with the right insurance company. The best way to accomplish that? Align yourself with a broker who specializes in environmental insurance; we suggest Pro-Source, obviously!

For the past 5 years, our President Rick Cammidge has been intensively engaged with clients in the environmental sector, truly working to become an expert in their sector. This embedded approach and the lessons learned along the way are what led to the opening of Pro-Source Insurance and Risk Management, Alberta’s only brokerage focused primarily on the environmental sector. We have the expertise and market access to handle the insurance needs of all environmental clients; from the sole-proprietor agrologist to the 100+ employee multi-discipline firm with international operations and offices around the country.

Looking for an example of the operations we’re very familiar with? We thought so:

  • Phase I, II, III site assessments
  • Pre disturbance assessments and reclamation project management
  • Drilling waste management
  • Chemical oxidation
  • Ground water sampling and monitoring
  • Asbestos and mould remediation (contracting and consulting)
  • Human health and ecological risk assessments
  • Emergency spill response and clean up
  • Chemical manufacturing and distribution
  • UST Removal
  • Septic system and sewage lagoon design and construction

Give us a call anytime to have a discussion about your companies environmental operations…we’ll even buy the coffee.

PS. Did you know that in certain cases, directors and officers of an organization can be held personally liable for their companies pollution liabilities? Environmental risk needs to be a boardroom level discussion, and factored into your Directors and Officers insurance as well.